Welk Resorts – Cabo Villas



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  • San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
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GMP provided professional landscape architectural designs for all facets of the Cabo Villas Resort, a 12-acre cliffside resort located on the Sea of Cortez. The resort will provide a sanctuary of peace and relaxation for its guests. GMP’s designs include a consistent theme that permeates the resort’s pools and garden spaces and through each element of the guest experience. Subtly inspired by the mining industry found throughout Mexico, both the architecture and landscape design reflects styles and materials reflective of mining features that can be found throughout Mexico. Guests will have the opportunity to experience numerous garden spaces each uniquely designed, planned and themed. Features of the resort design range from private and secluded romantic gardens with fountains, tropical plants, ceramic tile artwork and fantastic hand laid stonework, to magnificent vanishing edge swimming pools, spas and fireplaces set along the cliffs of this dramatic coastline. Guests will enjoy daytime luxury poolside lounging among the numerous water features, pools and spas that once night falls turns this sliver of Mexican Resort property into a dramatic work of art that can only be appreciated once visited. GMP services included conceptual planning, design, theming, plus coordination with the client and other consultants.