Mountain Bridge



  • Blandford Homes
  • Mesa, Arizona

GMP Inc. is providing land planning and landscape architectural services for Mountain Bridge, a 700 acre master-planned community in Mesa, Arizona. The community is planned for 1,200 homes in several neighborhoods, 2 neighborhood parks, a recreation facility with a community pool, tennis facility and lake, a 10 acre commercial site and community entry features at a grand scale.

Fundamental to the planning of Mountain Bridge is the preservation of 170 acres of undisturbed open space and the natural drainage systems that permeate the site. These natural landscape systems establish the framework for the land plan and the character of the community. Two hundred foot landscaped buffers along the perimeter arterial streets, thirty foot wide naturally landscaped medians in the interior collector streets, and primary vehicular and pedestrian entries oriented to the expansive washes are punctuated by prominent landmarks such as the community Club House and the Mountain Bridge connecting the community over McKellips Road.