Horticulture Encounter 2018

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Nothing beats walking around a nursery on a gorgeous, sunny summer day observing beautiful plants in full bloom, being educated on the latest varieties in the field, and further understanding the benefits of plants in community with each other. At least, nothing beats an afternoon like that if you are a landscape architect. In June, a few GMPeeps were fortunate enough to spend such an afternoon with Suzie Wiest, at Village Nurseries in Miramar. Suzie walked us through garden display after garden display of artfully arranged growies (our affectionate term for plants), all the while discussing plants with a purpose. The sections of the display garden were organized into categories such as ‘therapeutic in nature’, ‘perfect pairings’, ‘edible excellence’, ‘partners in pollination’ and ‘blaze battlers’. The walk through the garden was followed by a delicious lunch, during which we got to hear from plant aficionado Nicholas Staddon – the ‘Plantsman’ himself –  about all the new introductions coming to the horticultural stage in the next few years. These are plants that aren’t even on the market yet, but are currently in the growth and development phase, so that was very exciting indeed! This event was not only beneficial in showcasing plants best suited for today’s landscape situations, but also enjoyable for all members in attendance. After all, if you can combine gorgeous plants, learning new things, and a perfect summer day with good food and better company, then you’re definitely doing something right.

Suzie Weist, in her educating element:

A therapeutic garden example:

Nicholas Steddon, The “Plantsman” (as advertised on his business card):

Nibble-resistant plants!

Demo vertical garden:


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